Bill Belichick has made his way through pro days and workouts this offseason. (Clemson Football)

Bill Belichick has made his way through pro days this draft season. (Clemson Football)

Since the NFL Scouting Combine concluded in late February and free agency came to a head in early March, head coach Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots’ constituents have made their way through the scouting trail en route to the 2015 NFL draft.

And as the organization looks to dot its I’s and cross its T’s on this year’s pool of prospects leading up to April 30, that will continue.

Though for now, a look at an updated – but not all-encompassing – list of just whom the Patriots have reportedly been in contact with, between formal interviews, private workouts, pro-day and group workouts, pre-draft visits and or meetings.

Running Backs

Tight Ends

Wide Receivers

Offensive Linemen

Defensive Tackles

Defensive Ends





Pre-draft contacts have their historical merit.

Last year, the Patriots had official visits with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and defensive tackle Dominique Easley, as well as private workouts with quarterback Garrett Gilbert, running back Stephen Houston, wideout Jeremy Gallon, defensive end Zach Moore and defensive tackle Kelcy Quarles, according to

Four of whom went on to be drafted by New England, while three others went on to spend time there in the months following.

But oftentimes, the true merit of the pre-draft rolodex lies in the positions of interest more so than the prospects. And that is something to keep in mind as the 2015 scouting tour reaches its highest pitch.