Bill Belichick answered questions at the AFC coaches' breakfast on Tuesday. (

Bill Belichick answered questions at the AFC coaches’ breakfast on Tuesday. (

Bill Belichick spent 40 minutes fielding questions at the AFC coaches’ breakfast Tuesday morning in Arizona, as part of the NFL’s annual meetings.

There was little ground broken by the New England Patriots head coach over that time, after he had remained quiet through his appearances at the combine and several college pro days since winning Super Bowl XLIX.

But there were some notable matters covered by Belichick, and he appeared in mid-season form for the reporters on hand, two months removed from his last trip to Arizona.

1. On what went into the decision behind Darrelle Revis leaving: “It’s NFL free agency. It’s like that in the NFL. Players leave teams and go to teams in free agency every year. That’s not a big story.”

2. On if the Patriots considered picking up Revis’ $20 million option: “It’s NFL free agency. We do what we think is best for our football team.”

3. On Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler’s role for 2015: “Year one to year two is always a potentially big step for a player, but that has to be accomplished. It’s not a given.”

4. On the addition of Jabaal Sheard, and his place in the defense: “He’s been a productive player. We’ll see how it goes.”

5. On the addition of Scott Chandler to the tight end group: “Productive player. Certainly caused some problems against us.”

6. On Vince Wilfork departing after 11 years with Patriots: “I released a pretty comprehensive statement about him, so I think that pretty much covered it.”

7. On the New Orleans Saints adding Brandon Browner: “You should ask Sean [Payton] and the Saints about him. He’s not on our team.”

8. On the New York Giants signing Shane Vereen: “I’ve talked about Shane a number of times. You should talk to Tom [Coughlin], Jerry [Reese] and the Giants’ staff.”

9. On his rule proposal to place fixed cameras on boundary lines: “It’s disappointing every year we can’t afford it as a league. They brought that up as a concern. It was kind of surprising to hear that.”

10. On the possibility of NFL changing ineligible and eligible rules: “It would affect a lot of other plays, spread punt formations and stuff like that. Whatever it is, it is.”

11. On Brandon Bolden, and his work out of the backfield: “I think he has the ability to contribute on all four downs. And he’s done that. He’s contributed on all four downs.”

12. On Tyler Gaffney and rookies returning from injured reserve: “We kept him all year. We’re excited to work with Tyler, James Morris, Cameron Gordon, all those guys.”