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Tom Brady: ‘I Did Not Alter the Ball in Any Way’

Tom Brady addressed the media Thursday afternoon. (NFL Game Rewind)

Tom Brady addressed the media Thursday afternoon. (NFL Game Rewind)

The podium was Tom Brady’s on Thursday afternoon.

The New England Patriots quarterback fielded questions in a packed news conference for over 30 minutes, after reports from Bob Kravitz of WTHR and Chris Mortensen of ESPN indicated that 11 of the 12 footballs on the team’s sideline were underinflated by two pounds per square inch in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

Brady said he did not alter the balls in any way.

“I was as surprised as anybody when I heard Monday morning what was happening,” he said in his opening remarks.

With regards to whether the underinflation gave the Patriots a competitive advantage in the first half of what was a 45-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts, Brady said he thought New England won fair and square, and that he didn’t feel a difference over the course of the game but prefers the balls to be inflated to 12.5 PSI.

“From the first half to the second half, I didn’t think twice about it,” Brady said.

The footballs were later reinflated in the second half, though the Patriots did not know of an issue with them before then, according to Brady. However, the quarterback noted he understood the importance of the issue itself, which the NFL is currently investigating.

“It’s very serious. This is a very serious topic,” Brady said. “Obviously, the integrity of the sport is very important.”

The three-time Super Bowl champion, now heading to his sixth appearance alongside head coach Bill Belichick, recalled that once the equipment team got the footballs ready for the Jan. 18 playoff game at Gillette Stadium, he picked the 24 he wanted to use not different than he usually would.

“I have a process that I go through before every game where I go in and I pick the balls that I want to – the footballs that I want to use for the game,” Brady explained. “Our equipment guys do a great job of breaking the balls in. They have a process that they go through. When I pick those balls out, at that point, to me they’re perfect. I don’t want anyone touching the balls after that. I don’t want anyone rubbing them, putting any air in them, taking any air out. To me those balls are perfect and that’s what I expect when I show up on the field.”

Brady said he spoke to the equipment staff and was told they did not alter the footballs.

The league has not yet contacted him as part of the investigation.

“They may, they may. I think that’s obviously their choice,” Brady said.


  1. malcome James Hargrove

    January 23, 2015 at 10:23 am

    Go Pats.

  2. Patriots are the better team . Controversy is a weak distraction. They will stay focused & win the Superbowl !

    • Patriots are NOT the better team… Seattle’s defense is #1 in the league… Seattle’s running game is #1 in the game. Good luck 34-17 Seattle

  3. We Are Going To Win Go Pats!!!!

  4. So what happens after the investigation and they are found guilty of this do they still go to the superbowl?

    • Absolutely. A fine or penalty (like the loss of a draft pick) but a couple pounds of air Los on the ball didn’t have much to do with a 30 plus point difference.

  5. If the refs touched the ball every play, I find it WEIRD they didn’t feel 11 balls deflated. I believe and stand behind my Patriots and Tom Brady that they truly where unaware of any wrongdoing. In the cold and rain that Ball has to feel like a rock as it is. The Colts are just sore loosers. Plus Brady and the boys put up 21 pints on them in the last half where as Luck couldn’t convert a 3rd down to save his life. They scored 7 points in total, they where in NO WAY a equal opponent for the Patriots. The Panthers would have had a better chance with a running quarterback in Newton. The Colts got LUCKy to get as far as they did. Go Pats you can beat the Seahawks.

  6. The Patriots were obviously a better team in this game, but what about when they played the Ravens and barely squeaked out a win? Deflated balls could have definitely helped in that game! This is now the 3rd time they’ve been busted for cheating. Maybe this explains the big difference the second half of the season.

  7. Go pats ….God said love your haters …not in those words lol..we love you all anyway

  8. Dallas couldn’t. Do it but pats will go New England.

  9. I’m a Patriot fan, but in all honesty it seems to me that Belichick & Brady & last but not least Kraft will do whatever it takes to win the Super bowl. It saddens me that all their Superbowls are tainted. We real Patriots fans have to admit it all started with Brady’s fumble that was reversed to a incomplete pass against the Raiders. That was Ludicrous…

  10. Seahawks are gonna win

  11. I am a Patriots Fan. And I am sick and tired of the negative attitude everyone has seem to have gotten since this issue came up. I agree Jennifer. The refs felt the footballs throughout the game and surely they would have felt the difference in the footballs. People stop being haters and get over it already. It is quite obvious that the better team won Sunday night and because the Patriots are heading to the Super Bowl the haters are coming out of the woods. People get over it already….. Go Tom Brady and go Patriots. My Prayers are with Y’all and all of the football teams. Thank You for such a Wonderful but Dangerous Sport. But either way. Go New England…

  12. filisionevaioleti

    January 24, 2015 at 8:24 am

    GOD IS GOOD! go patriots! patriots nation! its sucks to keep hearin people talk down bout my team but do ya really think that it’ll effect us. I like it keep talkin ya haters think its hurting us NOPE it modivates my patriots big time now we really goin bring da heat wit alot of confusion. GOD OF ISRAEL already let ME kno my patriots r takin it dis year! N 1more think its funny we scored 17 points on them colts da first half wit deflated balls (i geuss) then when they started switchin footballs we scored 28 points more da second half. LOL… If the footballs we right from da start we would of smashed them by 60 points. GOD BLESS MY PATRIOTS. We got to have doubters in order to make them believers! Patriots nation! Super bowl 49 is ours we got 4rings now!

  13. the game should be cancelled, and the ring awarded to Seattle. For the NFL to benefit financially from this fraud, well anybody watching the game will be part of the bad actors involved in this play. just look at the faces of the players who are commenting, no eye contact, a wandering disinterested gaze, monotone speech. I was in business for 20 years and that says something.
    it’s all about the money, that’s it, the fans mean nothing. and are viewed by the NFL as ATMs.
    The fans need to send a message, don’t watch the game!

  14. I don’t watch football as I used to, yet I did see this game and being a people watcher more than the game they were playing, all looked pro quo. Sure the 1st half was not as tough as the 2nd due to all the hyped up feelings to win, win, win were energizing the players. But, if the ball was made to assist 1 team, wouldn’t it the other when they intercepted it? Wouldn’t even 1 ref notice a softer ball? I don’t know what this will mean, but this is why this fan has retired being a fan and is throughly fed up with football due to the horsepoo like this! Players beating women, on drugs, crazy public displays, hurting other team players, acting like the fools they look like with all the hair, tats and nasty “Me play ball, Me not beat you… Me crush you..” Each worth millions and millions and millions of dollars believing it makes them above the law!!!
    I loved the clean cut guys, well tailored, well spoken with a passion for this game, not the tripe on the fields today.
    If this newest stupidity IS TRUE and not just someone trying to discount that game THEN take their pay away by an IMPRESSIVE (to those loosing it)ALMOST : donating all of it to various organizations IN THE USA to help where it not only is needed, but will be better used than buying all that unnecessary waste it gets spent ON!!!! .. Then bench all involved or knew of it till next year… NO SUPER BOWL and then reconsider their reinstatement or their dismissal!!! Harsh?? YES SIREEE , YOU BET AND IT’S ABSOUTLY OVER DUE…. come on, if one of you beat your girlfriend or wife or child your next Super Sunday would be behind bars for a
    L O O O N G TIME!!!
    The fans pay their salary by mostly the outrageous seat prices, but that’s being a real fan. Why not tell the NFL owners and players to end this garbage by NOT SHOWING UP TO ONE SINGLE SUPER BOWL? (That would be the one comming up not years from now) Everyone stays away… an empty stadium….I BET if only done ONCE things would change, don’t you?

    • “Players beating women, on drugs, crazy public displays, hurting other team players, acting like the fools they look like with all the hair, tats and nasty “Me play ball, Me not beat you… Me crush you..” “………. Does this comment refer to black athletes in the NFL? If it does you need to be ashamed of your self. How does this even relate to Brady using deflated balls? I guess you had all this balled up in you for awhile and this was a perfect opportunity but spill your guts about black athletes. I assure you this was the very wrong time because you look like a dumb ass making comments like that ‘off subject’.
      Go Patriots!

      • Stop being paranoid and playing the victim here. Nobody was implying that the remarks were meant for any particular race, creed, color, religious background, age, or sex. Geeeez! Settle down will ya?!

        • Kristy Beantown

          January 31, 2015 at 9:56 pm

          No kidding where did that come in anywhere… Another perfect example of making something if absolutely nothing! I literally read the comment a few extra time to see how it was even perceived by someone that way… Only period who wants start crazy!

      • I agree totally they been caught 3 times how many times did they cheat and not get caught . Should have to re-play colts and I am not a colts fan but fair is fair.

      • Kristy Beantown

        January 31, 2015 at 9:49 pm

        Well said!!!

    • I believe you were implying that some, not all, players were behaving with a barbaric type of attitude or swagger….kind of like a caveman. And I am sure a few of them could stand a little polishing up. It was however, not directed at anyone’s skin color I am sure.

  15. I think this is all hipe to get a bigger TV audience. My, these Rich NFL players are doing

  16. I really hate how they’re insinuating we needed to cheat to beat a team be blew out every time we played them in the regular season. My brother made a comment about Payton Manning being paid to lose last year’s superbowl to the Seahawks and this year’s division championship to the Colts. At first i didn’t think much of it but now I’m beginning to wonder if all this deflated football BS is because they wanted us to do the same so that the Seahawks can have another easy win in the superbowl but when Brady and da guys did agree to it. They made up some crap just to hang something over us again. Between this and all these insane rules they keep coming up with every year I’m not sure if i even wanna play pro football or even watch it anymore. It’s like they’re ruining all the sports we watch. They clearly have nothing on us so they make up something so absurd as that when it’s clear Luck and the Colts couldn’t win that game no matter what happened I mean come on they only scored 7 pts and dat was in the second (after the so called underinflated balls were replaced right) so what happed in the first 30 minutes of the game, and if they were playing with the “regulation balls” all game as they said how does that effect they way our defense played they could stay on the field long enough to even get 3 points! Sounds like hating to me but don’t worry haters get a deep seat because we going to the Superbowl next week and when we beat the Seahawks then you will really have alot to hate about. #Pats Nations

    • No they should not only not let you play in this superbowl but also take away your other superbowl wins as they would any college team that was caught ” CHEATING ” .

  17. It’s pretty clear the pats are a better team and everyone knew that the Colts would win anyway, I don’t understand why they were in the play offs. They only beat the Brancos because they played a bad game.
    The patriots did not cheat because the fact that the refs felt every single one of the footballs and said nothing.
    They deserved a spot in the super bowl fair and square.
    Everyone is just mad because they’re doing so well.

  18. It is what it is. Can’t stop the machine. If you don’t like what you see, then turn the other way. May God keep all the players safe, and may the best team win. Go Patriots!!!

  19. Go SeaHawks!!!

  20. The patriots don’t cheat,2nd the patriots are going to beat the f…..k out of the sea hawks,3rd have a nice day.

  21. First let me say I don’t care for the patriots or the seahawks This is what the 3rd time the patriots have been caught cheating!!! I have learned “if it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck !!! Guess what ? It’s probably A DUCK !!!!!!! I HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR BELICHEK AND BRADY!!!!!!

    • What will they do next ? Bribe the officials? Threaten the fa.ilies of the opposing team ? Bellichick and Brady have brought shame to the NFL. HOPE they lose big in the Super Bowl. The refs will be checking the game balls.

  22. Have the Pats cheated before

  23. I agree all these games are fixed look what happened to the Cowboys refs are Def on payroll that’s why I believe they wouldn’t have said anything about the balls for some odd reason though it’s always the Patriots get “so called lucky” but we all need to realize that the Patriots always try to alter the game and some how always get away with it. Is it a coincidence or not? I don’t know everyone has their own beliefs but honestly thought I was the only one who believed this I’m glad I’m not alone in this. All in all we know nothing will come out of this they will get away with this as they always do and they will most presumably win with no action against them but I would like to see the Seahawks win because they are the better team in all accounts and that’s how football especially the super bowl is suppose to be, a game with two teams who are supposedly the best battling it out, not “how can we cheat this time without getting caught” good luck Seahawks I truly believe you deserve the win and oddly enough I’m a cowboys fanatic lol

  24. I’m the greatest cornerback in the game.

  25. Back to the possible deflation thing, although the refs could /should have noticed it, that’s true enough. Maybe they were bribed as has already been brought up, who knows.

    But as for the Colts using the same balls as the Pats, and the conclusion that they were therefore playing with not any more advantage/disadvantage than the Pats, consider this possible scenario: The Pats could’ve been practicing with deflated balls and adjusting their game play and handling of the ball to best suit ’em, leaving a taken-by-surprise Colts team to suddenly have to scramble with an unexpected new variable in real-time.

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