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Report: Patriots Employee Took Footballs into Bathroom for 90 Seconds before AFC Title Game

Gone in 90 seconds.

It isn’t a sequel to a Nicholas Cage film. According Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, it is how long a New England Patriots locker-room attendant spent in a restroom with 24 footballs on the way to the Gillette Stadium field for the AFC Championship Game last Sunday.

The surveillance footage, discovered by the Patriots and given to the NFL as part of the league’s investigation into “Deflategate,” was first reported by Jay Glazer of FOX Sports on Monday afternoon.

A source has since told PFT the video shows a Patriots employee bringing two bags, one with 12 New England footballs and another with 12 Indianapolis Colts footballs, to the bathroom from the officials’ locker room.

What transpired over the 90 seconds thenceforth remains unknown.

Whether or not the 12 Patriots footballs were deflated by two PSI each in that amount of time remains to be seen. And whether or not the Patriots employee was simply using the facilities falls under the same category.


  1. What does it really matter, the colts were getting that ass spanked if they were throwing pumped up balls or eggs they just sucked and even Luck admitted that.

    • That’s not how the game is played.All the balls have to be the same psi.Or that’s cheating……..

    • it’s no different than using a corked bat or throwing a greaseball!

    • It not about who won the game or the score it’s about breaking an NFL rule. They have the rule for a reason and New England broke that rule. They could have broken any of the rules and that’s cheating and why people don’t understand they cheated in order to get an upper hand. You know driving 2 miles over the speed limit is against the law you might not get caught every time but one time you might get caught and that’s breaking a law. Did it change the fact you didn’t get caught those other times, no you just got by with it. They broke a NFL rule and got caught, that’s what this is about not the score. You have rules for a reason.

  2. The difference is having a ball that’s easier to control.

  3. Thr balls didn’t deflate themselves.

  4. How many more times are they gonna have to cheat before something is done about it other then a slap on the hand?

  5. Justo Garcia Jr.

    January 28, 2015 at 5:02 pm

    It’s a shame that this sort of thing is not dealt with the right way, by imposing a big penalty or some kind of disaplenary action;so that this sort of thing does not happen in the future of any pro sport.

    • I didn’t have a favorite team in this matchup but once I heard about the delategate, that is cheating. Since this is the second time for this team, there should be a harsh punishment. Also since it hasn’t been dealt with right away and waiting for the end of the Super bowl, for me, it has taken a bit of fun out of the game itself. It should not take this long to resolve this issue either.

  6. theirsoreloserd

    January 28, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    Losers always try to pass the buck on how they lost ” its Not Us” they had to cheat.
    Just deal with the fact that you’re team played like shit the world saw it.
    Also to take out 2 psi exactly from each of 12 balls takes more than 90 seconds, then the time to put more air in the ones you over deflated. Where is the air pump in their ass

  7. It’s really simple,new England has a history of cheating,however it does make a difference in the psi levels in the football.I believe they wanted to win so desperately that they would’ve went farther if necessary.

  8. Go Patriots!!!

  9. Bottom line the math dont add up and one proven account of cheating and the suspicion of another dont constitute a “history”. Whatever that clown did he’ll be made to answer for, but it dont take a scientist to know it dont take cheating to beat the Colts, they just plain cant outplay New England, what we should be discussing is the epic failure of the Packers to maintain supremacy in their game, that shit looks worse than cheating, that looks like pure chumping, can you say #packersfoldtoduckasskickingfrompatriots

    • It looks like you are mad about the fact that everyone it’s saying that they cheated and the truth is that they did it does not meeter if it took 90 seconds or not the fact is that they cheated and that is a guest the rules of the NFL they got a find for spying on a football player and player was from new York jets they where spying on that player not just on player they where spying on the team as well. Now if they have the pump up there ass I don’t know if they maybe they dfairo have it up they ass because if you not play the game fair then you don’t deserve to play and that’s the truth. And NFL should do something about it they should it let it continue because it’s not right.

  10. Regardless of who beat who the underline statement is they cheated whether or not the Colts may have lost with or without cheating isn’t the topic. If you got caught cheating once how many other times have you cheated without getting caught is the real question here meaning the past ten years or so they have only gotten caught twice how many other games have they cheated in nobody knows that answer as for punishment a full years suspension of Belichick and Draft pick and salary cap should all be the penalty because a fine isn’t the answer if it meant going to the super bowl for a 500,000 dollar fine the penalty doesn’t fit the cheat aught ha rime and guilty once the penalty should be twice as severe because the first punishment didn’t get to them hint the 500,000 fine that they were fined a joke for anyone in the NFL

    • Jason your joking you said yourself we don’t know how many times they cheated if any in the past 10 years . But you want to penalize this team and Tha facts are not even in yet listen to yourself. Must be your team has lost to patriots in the past

      • It doesn’t matter if his team or anyone else’s team lost to the patriots , the point is it’s cheating . If you get caught in the academy or in college you are given a zero and are expelled no different here . Not only should they be fined but should be excluded from playing any post season games up to and including the superbowl .

      • Fig131
        listen men I with Jason on one thing that it has nothing to do wining or losing the fact is that they cheated and is not the first time. The fact is the NFL needs to something about it this should it happened at all and the truth.

  11. If the psi of footballs were THAT important, no employee from either team would be handling them before the game LOL ESPECIALLY not a championship game… 90 seconds enough time to do what was accused? Probably if it was well practiced, and even if it fell short its enough time to affect the majority so technically its possible. Patriots have cheated before so its not out of the realm of possibility to believe it could happen again. Whatvit all boils down to is proof and there is none so its a dead issue in the long run

    • Very good point(s)!

    • Why would a Patriots employee take a large bag of footballs into the bathroom? No good reason except to hide from the cameras. It wouldnt be that hard to make something that took a precise amount of air out of a football quickly, especially if you have the budget of a multi-million dollar franchise. Someone had it done. Plain and simple. Btw, I am a Broncos fan and I dont care who wins at this point. The point is, winning ain’t winning if you cheat.

  12. During the game they have referees, who handle the balls, don’t you think at least one of them could tell a ball felt funny?

    • It’s not a dead issue if the NFL now have a video tape of a New England Patriots employee stopping off into the restroom for 90 seconds with certified championship balls, imagine this: scenario 1) the employee had an average of approximately 6 secs. per ball to deflat them. scenario 2) what if there was a 2nd employee in the restroom to assist with the deflation. scenario 3) if the referee was paid big money to certify already deflated balls. And cheating does matter why because the same team has done this type of tactic before so it is likely they are doing it again. #goSeahawks

  13. Go cowboys that what happen to db pass when he caught it green bay had to cheat and paid off the refs to win that was a increditable catch the packers defender was beaten all the packers fans knew they lost the game and for green bay coach throw down the red flag thst was then he knew he had to cheat so they reverse the play now that B S spimply in EL PASO TEXAS dont mess with TEXAS

  14. They kicked the shit out of the Colts but the rules should be changed. From now on so there is no more controversy about footballs, all 24 footballs should be put in one bin. They do a coin toss to see which quarterback chooses first & after they each have the 12 balls they want, they start the game.

  15. How is it that a deflated ball keeps a team from MAKING A TACKLE to stop a running game? If the Colts had a bunch of FUMBLES I could see the issue of properly inflated footballs vs under inflated footballs. That was not the case for either team.
    Compare all the teams in NFL with the amount fines for NFL INFRACTUONS and let’s see who has been cheating alot more over the years.
    Teams want to avoid any of the problems with footballs. Stop babying ALL QUARTEBACKS, PUNTERS, FIELD GOAL KICKERS USE 1 FOOTBALL.
    WET, DRY, OVER INFLATED, UNDER INFLATED, SLIPPERY, STICKY, DIRTY, CLEAN…..USE 1 FOOTBALL PERIOD ! FOOTBALL IS FOOTBALL STOP MAKING IT A HAVE TO BE CLEAN SPORT. Play it how it’s meant to be played a OUTDOOR SPORT that is played in all weathers no matter what it is….
    One football for both teams if it has to be changed only if ball is found to be DAMAGED IN THAT QUARTER AND ONE NEW BALL PER QUARTER CHOSEN BY LEAGUE OFFICIALS AND CHECKED BEFORE PLACED INTO GAME FOR PLAY…..
    Am I a PATRIOTS fan YES but I’M A FOOTBALL FAN FIRST and I believe it should be played on even grounds for all teams even if they can’t stop a runner and blame a football, even if they flop near the end of the game to be embarrassed by the opposing team with a loss, even if the coach tries to trip a player as he runs by him, even if a player gets a cheap shot after the play is over and so on…..

  16. I’m neither a Colts or Patriots fan and to me it’s not about the Colts losing it’s the fact of serious rules and regulations being broken and the Patriots if truly at fault should not receive just a slap on the wrist again. What is that teaching even kids in little league sports or high school sports? It’s ok to cheat because winning is everything! Just sad.

  17. Yes, the Colts were losing big time and probably would have lost anyway but rules are there for a reason. If one team can get away with it, what does that tell others in the NFL? Just saying.

  18. Is that how they beat the Ravens?, Bills, Jets?, Dolphins?, who else? Belichek banned from NFL for two years, Patrots’s offense individual stats for 2014-2015 season erased, loss of 1st round draft choice for two years, salary cap decreased by $5 million for two years, and no franchise tag on players for ten years.

    • are you stupid. 90 Second is about as long as it takes me to take a piss. And the nfl’s investigation showed that all balls in that game lost 2psi. EVEN THE COLTS BALLS. The range for a “legal” football is about 12.5-14.5psi the colts balls started at the higher end of the range, lost about 2psi, and ended barely “legal” at the other end. However the patriots balls started at 13.5 with one closer to 12.5, and one at 14.5. After the investigation it was discovered that one football was “illegal” by 2psi, the one that started at 12.5, and 10 were under by 1psi, started at 13.5, the last “legal” ball started at 14.5 in a similar situation as the colts balls were. to conclude, im not a pats fan i just hate how in accurate the media is. If they get the facts right, then no one is on stupid rants about how the pats should be penalized.

  19. Well, since they won’t have deflated balls to play with in the super bowl, I know they’re going to get spanked by the Seahawks!!!

  20. Quit watching and supporting the sport in everyway especially monetarily.

  21. how many times have yall cheated on your spouses or whatever.maybe i should fine u half a million dollars.idiots.

    • Don’t you be idiot Matt people that cheat on there spouse get caught and end up going to court and getting divorce and then have to pay by either giving money to the ex wife also they end up giving there house to them and much more. So why not treat the patriots the same way.

  22. All you Patriots haters……Don’t you think that atfer playing four quarters, sometime during the entire game the ref’s would have noticed that the balls were not up to specs!!!! Come on now! A two yr old could have figured that out. Stop hating and let’s get ready for the big game. WOW!!!!!

    • Liston ref’s could get pay not to notice anything at all but can’t wait for the big game because at the end of the day the patriots are going to lose.

  23. I think the colts should go instead of the patriots since it’s to late to play again to see who would have actually won n I don’t like either team its just fair

  24. The colts were the ones cheated so they should be going to the Superbowl n if the patriots should just be thrown out of the NFL they have been caught twice this is supposed to be an honest sport

  25. How many times r the NFL going to catch them cheating this would be the 3 or 4 time now. The NFL must make a example out of the Patriots cause it has not stop them from cheating. What is it going to take to have billchick fired & banned from NFL 4 LIFE. LOOK what happen to PETE ROSE he got caught and baseball banned him 4 life . NFL take a page from baseball there no place in ur sports for the cheating NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS SHOULD BE BAN NEW 4-LIFE.

  26. People act like no biggie yes it is since they hav been busted before they say other teams do it well funny how theyvthe omly that gets caught n with refs stupid calls may we should protest m. Come on comish do ur job why fine saint this team llot worse brady acts like hes king. Now we know why just saying n mean it

  27. What happened in the game verses the colts doesn’t matter. They won’t be able to cheat in the super bowl game, it just comes down to the better team. Fact of the matter is that the colts got beat, period.

  28. It’s crazy how some of these Patriots fans keep talking trash about other teams when the same team that they represent is the same team who were recording other teams practices and are the reason behind why coaches cover their mouths when they are calling plays so I think the Patriots players and staff knew about those footballs. I used to like the Patriots but when I realised that they had to cheat to win they lost my respect. My team is the Ravens btw win lose or tie until I die

  29. OK, now I have always loved the game, I finally watched a progame and was majorally disappointed. I have seen better sportsmanship between high-schools than in the pros. Rules are for those who want to stay honest and at the end of each day it is always between each of us and our maker for the outcome. I personally believe integrity is doing what is right especially when no one is looking. I happen to have liked the Patriots, and I really love to see the Seahawks finally learn to play as a team which is why they will do their best in the Superbowl, congrats to the integrity of that team.

  30. It takes me 90 seconds to pee and wash my hands. SMH!

  31. This is what NE is known for…i say dump em from the superbowl ….rematch previous team in a game and winner plays.

  32. the Patriots cheated last Sunday from the first quarter all the way to the third quarter knowing that they were playing with deflated footballs buy 2 PSi Tom Brady knew that those footballs deflated and he did nothing about it and I think they should have not gone to the Superbowl tonight I think their punishment should have been no Super Bowl the the Colts should have gone even that they lost but that will serve New England right for cheating for the second time since 2007 and 2007 the coach was videoing taping the game and the referees caught them doing it and there weren’t supposed to be taping the game so they got fined $75,000 for doing that they also should be getting fined for deflecting the footballs
    I think they should be fined $25,000 per a football and that’s times 11 footballs at $25,000 a football so that’s what I think I think the New England Patriots should not be in the Super Bowl tonight I think the colts should have been automatically into the. Superbowl for cheating that they did last Sunday and that’s my thought of it

  33. 1 proven incident of cheating IS a history of cheating. It does not have to be more than once to be a history.

  34. We face facts. The Patriots coach has always be a rule breaker. He needs to play by the rules. It is not fair for one team to deflate balls and the other team can’t. The Patriots need to be in check. It is up to the NFL to decide what their punishment is and not for us to decide.

  35. I would think that the referees would check the psi in the footballs before the game even got underway…especially a Superbowl game! I’m not a fan of either team but I thought it was a good fair game! You will always have sore losers in every game…you should be thankful that your team even made it to the Superbowl! I’m from Texas..enuf said…go J.J. Watt!

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