Patriots safety Devin McCourty has seen the impact of Brandon Browner. (NFL Game Rewind)

Patriots safety Devin McCourty has seen the impact of cornerback Brandon Browner first-hand. (NFL Game Rewind)

Brandon Browner has been responsible for 15 accepted penalties in nine games this season.

His infractions have included five calls for pass interference, four for holding, two for unnecessary roughness, one for illegal contact, one for illegal use of hands, one for encroachment, and one for a facemask. But the cornerback’s infractions have not outweighed his overall impact on the New England Patriots’ secondary.

They’ve only added to it.

Safety Devin McCourty furthered that sentiment in his press conference on Tuesday.

“Like I always say, when you add any type of good, physical player, he’s going to bring his style of play, his attitude and his skill to the defense. And that’s what ‘B’ has been able to do,” said McCourty, a two-time NFL All-Pro at two different positions in New England’s defense.

The position the 6-foot-4, 221-pound Browner has occupied in New England’s defense falls under its own category, however.

The former Oregon State Beaver, Denver Bronco, Calgary Stampeder and Seattle Seahawk has provided his own nature to the backfield. And over his nine starts in 2014, it’s been illustrated well beyond the 15 flags, 25 tackles, six pass deflections and one interception he’s collected.

It’s been illustrated in his approach to each practice rep and every game snap, as McCourty explained.

“He works hard everyday in practice. He’s aggressive in practice. He really goes out there and practices how he plays in the games,” said McCourty. “So, I think just having him out there, his presence, and how he wants to play the game is huge for us.”

The way the 30-year-old Browner wants to play the game hasn’t changed along with his team or the league’s points of emphasis. His intensity, his press past the five-yard marker, and his hits at the catch point are what’s gotten him this far. They’re what has kept the 2005 undrafted free agent in the league well beyond his expected expiration date. And they’re what has brought him to Foxborough.

No. 39 has paid his own kind of dividends below McCourty and across from fellow corner Darrelle Revis since signing a three-year, $17 million contract last March. Only sometimes, those dividends aren’t visible in the numbers.

“You know, I think when we go out there, all 11 guys bring something to this defense, and ‘B’ is a guy that’s always going to bring that aggression,” McCourty added. “His style of play, I think it always gives us a lift.”